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2005 Sprinter
Just picked up a 2005 Airstream Interstate with 47k miles in very nice clean condition.
Any advice/tips would be useful. Would like to replace interior lamps with LEDs, install solar on roof, and get a cover to protect RV from weather when not in use. I don't have garage big enough.


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First I'd suggest also checking this web This appears to be the Official Airstream web. Plenty of information there.

2nd, forget the cover unless you want to build a free-standing one. Otherwise they will rub the paint in the wind.
Just ask away and you'll get plenty of opinions and answers.


2011 AS Interstate (sold)
Not sure a cover is a good idea. It was discussed over on Airforums and decided by most that it was more trouble than it was worth. Probably need two people and a ladder to put on and off. Mine sits outside and I just rinse it off before each trip. I do put tire covers on it and sunshades on the front three windows. Also leave the bathroom exhaust open.


2012 Sprinter 3500 Ext
Come on over to Airforums and go to the Sprinter and B-van sub forum under the motorhome forum.

Lots of good discussion on solar upgrades.

Airforums is not an official Airstream site. Just a group of Airstream owners like this forum is a group of Sprinter owners.

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