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To start a New Thread, go into the specific Category (in this case the T1N Talk category)...

And click on the blank line at the top of the Category. That will open the Title and Content fields:
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hi seek me again:rolleyes:

when you make a new thread but want to change the name after its been posted, if you go to edit and change the name save it :thinking: it wont save the new name i done it a while ago and had to ask you to do it for me, am i missing something or is it a bug?



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I have had that problem also. The only way I can fix my Title mistakes is move the thread. May be a rights issue.


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How do you create a poll in a new thread?


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How do you create a poll in a new thread?
Start a new thread, click More Options
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That opens a new window, click Post a Poll or the arrow to the right on the same line:
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Enter your questions and criteria:
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Make your poll something that serves the community, not limited to yourself.

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