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Here it is. We met James and Stephanie at Advanced Fest. We also got to test drive this reviewed model called Mzungo.



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Are they getting ready to trade Lance in and move up to the Ocean One? I hate to say it as we are brand, brand, brand new B owners and we are already flirting with the idea of an Advanced RV in our future! Sad.... Ha!

Ooops, I see my reply was to a somewhat dated posting...
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You caught yourself. The video was before James and Stef bought their Travato. James and Stef attended both the 2014 and 2015 Advanced Fest and put on seminars for keeping fit while traveling in an RV. Why they didn't buy an Advanced RV only they can answer but I have my guesses after meeting them. I would guess one major reason might have been cost. There is a very big considerable difference there. But I suspect a lot of other things went into their decision. Size would be one. Both the Ocean and Ocean One would be a departure from the more compact Travato which is closer to their previous B. Storing bicycles inside the B and four season use were their other big criteria I deduced. Four season and bicycle storage was accomplished because their B celebrity gave them a modicum of clout with Winnebago to make custom changes most customers could only dream. It helped them, it helped Winnebago and it might have helped future Winnebago customers, but it doesn't make them Winnebago spokespersons. That's just my observation.

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