What controls the "headlights on" dingging bell?


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I have a question regarding our 03 Sprinter. Last night, my wife went to the store. When she returned to the van and opened the door, the "dinging bell" was sounding. It was as if the lights were left on (but they weren't). She got in, started it up and came home without issue. I went to check it out, and the lights were not on but when I opened the door, the "dinging bell" sounded. So, I closed the door, started the engine, let it run for about 30 seconds then turned it off. I opened the door and the bell did not sound.
Is this alarm governed by the SCREEM (if I spelled it right) module or the ECU?



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hi txag1981
if you turn on your headlights and press the door switch it will stop dinging "it works for both front doors i think" anyway the switch might be faulty or need cleaned, another dinging sound can be heard a slightly different tone when the fog light switch is in "on" position even without your main lights being on, hope this might help you.

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