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Picked up my new '14 Crew van yesterday, (yea!) and while poking around, I noticed a strip of black tape on the backside of the central rear view mirror (facing the windshield). This tape was slightly peeling off, so I took it off the rest of the way... I figured it was some plastic film the detailers didn't get to when readying the van for pick-up.

Turns out, on the sticky side of the tape there was a silver metallic circuit board type embossing on it, and what appears to be a micro-chip in the dead center of the tape. I could read the word "Alien" on in the silver embossing.

Needless to say, I stuck the tape back on the back of the mirror.

Anyone know what this is?



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Best to stop by a WalMart and stock up on all the tinfoil they have on the shelves.

Any new lumps form behind your ears?

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I would be back at the dealer where you bought the Sprinter at your earliest opportunity for a full explanation
as to what the tape is all about.
Never heard of such a thing, and I think a great number of us would like a complete explanation.
Not normal for a full service MB dealer.
Probably not a Freightliner dealer either.


are you, by chance, in Texas ?

texas uses such a microchip as a toll reader, like ezpass transponder. called TxTag.

maybe other states use the same setup?

somebody in a Lexus found one on his mirror too. and is asking what it is. he got no answers. that's at yahoo
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'14 170 4cyl Crew
Just went out to cautiously inspect the black tape on the mirror... we put on our tin foil safety gear, and attempted to take pics of the suspect tape. The beers we've consumed may have hindered our efforts.

The embossed side of the tape is definitely shiny white, with silver printing "2008 © Alien". Tape is about 4 inches long by 3/4 inch wide. Shiny circuit board patterns. The black tape side is textured like the mirror, although it is a bit more glossy than the relatively flat black of the mirror.

Any ideas? Thanks for your responses!

Not from Texas... we're in Ohio.


P.S. Will post pics when we figure out how!


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After the purchase of the vehicle the salesman :shhh: with a sheet of x-many stickers randomly placed them inconspicuous through out vehicle so that after a theft, in the event of recovery the police know to look for then scan a sticker that revels who the owner is enabling the return of the vehicle to the owner.

I believe this aspect/consideration is provided by the dealer and not Mercedes-Benz.

They told me.


btw ; my stickers are much smaller then the one in your photo, 1/3 or less smaller.
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'14 170 4cyl Crew
Thanks for the replies... closest big water to us is Ohio River - Cincinnati. Lake Erie is far, far away... also, no glowing orbs seen in the sky. It's getting eerie thinking about what the mysterious black tape really is.

Thanks for the input CJPJ - it's a tracker of some type put in to enable the repo man to find you, or maybe so MB can locate you for that first $565 oil change. Maybe the gov't is involved??

I'll definitely call the dealer to find out what his response is. Wonder how many more of these things are planted in the van... lots of places to hide in a sprinter!



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Maybe PCB is used during production and assembly to track the van, and normally removed. Or big brother is watching you? :shifty:


'14 170 4cyl Crew
Old Crows - thanks for the insight. After reading about AlienTechnology, the tape is certainly an RFID, which is a Radio Frequency ID tag, used to track movement of inventory and locate/identify objects on which they're placed. Googling RFID shows the many industries that use them... from auto to medical, military, animal ID, they're even in our passports. They can store lots of information. They can be implanted in humans (by aliens???).

This particular one is the "Squiggle" type. Apparently they do not need a power source, and can be read from a distance with the proper reading device. Maybe now we can blast through all the toll booths... or maybe they will get us if we do? It seems there is a strong Anti-RDIF movement in Europe.

This one, with its textured black surface that "almost" blends in with the front side of the mirror, was NOT meant to be easily seen and removed as a part of the manufacturing/delivery process. It's right behind the rain sensor - can't be seen from the outside through the windshield.

Umbilical to the Mothership Benz? Alien implant? CIA tracker? Will keep searching for answers.



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It's not in the parts catalog for 2014 US Sprinters. I think it's safe to toss it.


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Maybe an email and photo to Alien asking about it? It might have something to so with shipping the van or assembly of major parts. Aren't Sprinters shipped broken down and reconstituted in the Carolina's?


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Old Crows,
Passenger and Crew vans are shipped fully assembled as they are considered passenger vehicles for import tax purposes.
Cargo Vans and Cab/Chassis are fully assembled, then disassembled in Germany (they remove the engine/trans/front suspension as a module and the rear axle/suspension as a module, put them in a container and ship them as parts. The body goes in a larger shipping container (Conex Box) on a special cradle and the parts have to go on one ship, the body on a different ship. The Cargo/Cab-Chassis are considered light duty trucks by the import (Chicken Tax) Regulations
Passenger/Crew vans are shipped on Ro/Ro (Roll on/Roll off) ships and the Cargo/ Cab-Chassis are shipped on Lo/Lo (Lift on/Lift off) ships.
All Sprinters enter the USA at SC Ports Charleston, SC and are truck shipped the ~17 miles inland to the RA/VPC Daimler Vans, LLC plant in Ladson, SC.
Hope this helps,
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The MB regional sales manager once told me that Sprinters destined for Airstream conversion are shipped to Baltimore as complete vehicles and then trucked to AS in Ohio.

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