Tire Presure and Fuel Millage


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Was wondering how tire presure affects fuel millage? I have MIchilin atx/Ls LT/225 R16 tires, usually I put in 55lbs in the front and 80lbs in the back, has anyone out here conducted anything scientific ,as to the different tire presures as it relates to fuel millage? Thanking you all in advance for all responses



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I run 65 in front, 79 in rear on my rv conversion. I can't say it gets better fuel mileage, but the handling is greatly improved.


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The higher the pressure the less rolling resistance there will be... On average if your tires are inflated correctly you can save 1-3% in fuel economy... I would run you front's around 65psi... All the weight is up front and I am sure at pressure your tires are nice and mushy...

If you want the best fuel economy run them at 80psi... But you will wear your tire out fasters due to the fact they will wear the center of the tire out faster...

I have 215/85/16 on my 2005 3500, I run 85psi all the way around... That is the max pressure cold that my tires are rated for... The ride is a little harsh on rough roads, but I am getting about 4-5% better fuel economy then running them at 55psi...

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