MB Spokane Wa, (Dealership)

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Former Nelson BC Sprinter
Mercedes-Benz of Spokane
21802 E. George Gee Avenue, Liberty Lake, WA, 99019
Sales : (509) 455-9100 Service : (509) 455-9100
Mon-Friday, 8:00am 7:00pm
Saturday, 8:00am 6:00pm
Sunday, 11:00am 5:00pm


Squirrel & Owl

Squirrel & Owl
Me, and my wife where on our way to ID coming from Walla Walla, and DEF light comes on. After topping off tank, it won't reset it's self. A call to dealer, and service manager said they where to busy, and needed to order parts. Really! Phone call to my dealer in Lynnwood service manager gave us a quick key position solution. Done!
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The dealer in Spokane were very accommodating, allowing us to camp overnight in the van, use the wifi and drink all their coffee for two days. Though I suppose I'd have been frustrated if they hadn't let us do that!
Broke down and was towed here recently. We had a failed injector and were in a big road trip heading back to the E of Canada. We had to wait until they were open on Monday, but once they were, we had good service.

Tim Duff (the service advisor we dealt with) was great, good communication.

Only complaint is the price, but it's a main dealer...what can I expect.

They did knock off the tax on parts as I'm taking them back to Canada.

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