2001 411cdi power loss


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My company currently run 4 Sprinters, 2x1998 410Ds, 1x411cdi and 1x413cdi. I must say we have far more problems with the two later vehicles and the 411cdi is the one I would like advice on.
Back in December 07 we had a turbo failure and it has been going fine since fitting a new one up until a couple of weeks ago when it starting losing power intermittently. It makes a hollow sounding noise at the time it loses power and the exhaust note changes.When the power returns there is a hissing type sound from the turbo area, we can stop this noise by pulling of the wastegate vacuum hose. We have replaced the little vacuum/solenoid unit located under air filter housing but it didn't improve things. It never actually breaks down and I wonder if it's going into "limp home" mode.
I just wondered if anyone else has had similar problems and if so how they were able to fix it.:idunno:

Many thanks

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