2011 mb sprinter loss of power


2011 mb sprinter 2500 loss of power heres the codes p2463 #07e8. P2bad p246b p042d p170400 p11d700 p13af00 p11a700 p106100 9013 4d2e 90a6 9100 customer was stuck in california dealer took a look at it verified dpf of good so is the cat they said it could be a knock sensor but they cleared the codes so the custoer could drive back to me he did fine untill 25 miles away from my shop he could not go over 1k rpm major power loss it has 300k maintaned it very well since new im using the autel maxidas 708 i need help on what i should look at first and how do i findout what the codes stand for because alldata and mitchell d not give any info please if anyone can help me out i would appreciate it im going to be looking at it in the morning

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