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0 start shows on ip display have replaced damaged DEF tank and pump assembly filled with fresh new DEF cleared DTC codes disconnected batt cables still no reset batt is fully charged cleared DTC with 2013 software for genysis EVO still no start no crank ckd for starter energize at starter motor no signal rechecked for codes recleared to be sure cycled ign switch several times disconnted battt again no reset this is a problem what is the problem do I really need to clear and reset with MB scan tool ???? or am Imissing some dark secret step


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Have you spoken to Genisys technical support about the problem?



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Hello, I had replaced my DEF sensor and also was told that it had to be calibrated with the Star system from MB.
After I replaced it the count down went away...however on every start the "Check DEF Fluid" warning would come on.
I did take it to the MB dealer and they had no clue. After about 2 months of this the warning just went away and stayed away.


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First off the Genysis product is just about worthless today.
The EVO is very basic and is an entry level scanner for techs entering the trade.

I have a Genysis Mentor which does more, but is still lacking!
Trying a new Genysis with all the bells and whistles it was utter crap.

As a back up shop scanner I bought an Autel Maxidas. Runs rings around the Genysis for a lot less money. Its a direct clone of the major three brand scanners very good for US domestic platforms and in turn all three of them sued the--Chinese--who more or less gave them the finger! Chinese style---Just a word of caution if any of you have an early Maxidas don't update it--You will lose some access capability.

I was a deal they struck to keep MrYankeehappysah!:smilewink:

The only scanner i know of which does it all other than the factory unit is an Autologic.

And yes it will recalibrate the sensors which must show "wet" when needed the others types of scanners won't do this vital function I have found so far.


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As you can see nothing is sacred where the Chinese are concerned.
Here is a pirated Autologic from UOBD2.


Scrolling down you can see it will do just about everything the MB factory tool can do --and more.
Just can't update it nor get factory support and technical guidance--BUT about a 1/3rd of the real M'Coy cost for some it may be just the dog's spherical nuts.

It just begs me to wonder when Chinese volume cars come on line in the USA what will be the reaction to US enterprises copying their stuff--what goes around comes around--and will those same companies give the red white and blue finger to the east?

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