Newstyle head and tail lights


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Hey, if I give the dealership the sku numbers or part numbers to the newer style lights, would a dealership be able to order them? Has anyone tried this already? Ebay is always to expensive :thumbdown:


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Genuine from the dealer will be the most expensive.

Pattern off ebay will work fine, just remember pattern headlight units probably won't come with level adjustment motors fitted and there are two different types. As you want to update to a later look, your original motors may not fit (the actuator rods are different lengths).

If you buy genuine headlights from the dealer they will come with correct motors.

The face lift rear lenses will bolt straight in, but if you're going to do it properly you also need replacement lamp bases as the orange indicator bulbs have offset mounting pins compared to white bulbs. Having said that the replacement bases are expensive, and it is possible to fit orange bulbs into the bases for white bulbs with a little "encouragement".

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