Wiper Arms


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I unwittingly did not turn off my wipers when I parked the van. I turned on the ignition and immediately broke off both wiper arms when the blades were frozen to the windows. Arms are made of cheap plastic. $140 f'''''g dollars for replacements. What a rip!! Turn your wipers off when you park or, better yet, get the blades off of the windows.:thumbdown:


i've done exactly the same thing.....several times.

luckily for me, the arms kept swiping back and forth and it was ONLY the blade that had snapped off, while frozen to the windshield. i carry two spares now.

at least i didn't lose the blade since it was STILL frozen to the windshield and didn't go anywhere.

i now free the blades EVERY time before starting the van, just to make sure they are no longer frozen to the windshield.

ALSO....waiting for Safelite to come replace my 3rd windshield in 4 years. NOT the best time of the year for windshield replacement in New England.


2005 Cargo 2500
One of mine broke a couple of months ago on a mild rainy day. It was made of cheap white metal though, not plastic. I think I saw them on ebay for about $50 or $60, but I ended up paying $91 (Canadian) at the Dodge dealer because I needed one right away. I usually pull them up if a storm is coming. Sometimes I worry about what might happen if one got knocked and slammed back into the windshield.


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