Heater issues..


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I'm still pretty new to the sprinter world and I have a few questions about what I think are heater issues. I have a 2004 Mercedes 316CDI Sprinter and it seems like it takes a lot of driving before there is any heat out of the heater. If the temp is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit it takes at least 15 minutes to warm up to the first bar on the temp gauge. Is this normal?

Also the center vents on the top of the radio only blow out ice cold air no matter what the heat is set to. Any help you can give would be very helpful!


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Download an owner's manual (the US version is at: http://aie-services-2.net/Sprinter/ ) to learn about some Sprinter quirks.

You are seeing "normal" behavior of the top-of-dash vents: they only provide "fresh" or air-conditioned air. No heat.

I looked at the aie-services saw the 4 relays but need to find the relays on my sprinter 06 3500 it would help to know where they are located so I can attempt to
find the problem with my Espar heat

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