oil leaking after oil change..has it happned to you?


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I just had a garage change my oil, got home and spotted some drips, thought it might be just where It was changed,, no such luck, took it back to garage and can see it dripping from behind the filter housing, is there some kind of cooler there? cant really see,
the garage had no idea and said "oil leaks can start any time it's just unlucky!!"
I got home very sad and came on here, someone said it must be the filter seal, so I went to the motor factors and got a new filter and seals, the best one they had, I changed it and all the seals, put it back together, went for a spin, but it still leaks, I'm really gutted as I hate oil leaks and it's even worse that I've tried to do the right thing by changing oil (at a garage too!) and now have this awful leak that is coming from the most awkward place imaginable, has anyone else had this happen and it it a common fault? any ideas would be really helpful before I torch it!! I can't even sell the thing like this,
it's a 2.2 diesel, if anyone has a diagram of this engine I'd be most grateful


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Hi I know it’s been awhile but did you ever sort the oil leek out I’ve got the same problem my self with a 14 reg sprinter
If they pinched one of the 3 o-rings, or slipped one into an incorrect groove on the oil filter housing stem, that could be the cause of your leak.

Once the engine is shut down and sits for a few minutes, you can unscrew the filter housing (without a major mess, the filter will be wet) and check it against these photos of how the seals should look for your particular vehicle.

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UK 2004 T1N 313CDi
One point to clarify is that the top 'O' ring must go into the groove adjacent to the threads and not the groove under the shoulder.

This is shown clearly in the photos above.


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