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My mirror, which had been cracked, gave up the ghost in the recent ice storm. I am trying to find a replacement and am having some difficulty.

2005 SHC
Passenger side
Exterior panaramic mirror - the one on the top.

Does anyone have a source and a part number?

Also, how do i take it apart to replace it?



2006 Dodge T1N 2500 118"
This is the part number-5103593AB. Best price is Berry Dodge about $75 plus shipping.
Good luck.


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Douglas Hicks

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The top mirror is held onto the large mirror frame by two fasteners. You will need to remove the large mirror to be able to access the fasteners. The large mirror comes off fairly easy - take a look at Sikwans post, he shows how it's done - pictures make it easier than trying to explain it.


Unless your van was ordered with the optional mirrors like mine, small mirror and large mirror one piece. Then you order the large mirror and small mirror separately.


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That was easier than expected. Thanks!

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