What is this?


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This part is making a intermittent "burping" noise some of the time when engine is running and engine is off but key turned on. Hoping someone can identify this unit. Heading over to Mexico tomorrow and not sure if I should delay my trip yet again?:idunno:
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'06 2500 140" Std Roof.
Can I play?
I was looking where to route the power for my oil pan heater, and found this tucked between the bumper and radiator.
It is in the front, just to the passenger side of center.
Should this be plugged in somewhere? And what is it?



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It's the ambient temperature sensor for the temperature display on the instrument panel. It should be mounted to the bumper bracket behind the left side of the license plate cover (the two holes in the center of the bumper).

Looks like all that snow may have pushed it off where its mounted.



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