DANGER ALERT - OBD Insurance Monitors

The Allstate milewize OBD2 plug-in only reports the mileage driven each day. Put it on Mom's car, and since she seldom drives, insurance cost is $15-20 per month for the past year. This is an excellent way to keep a car insured.


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Thanks for the post - I learned the hard way when I was given OBD devices from my insurance company so i could qualify for a better rate from my driving. Regretfully, I experienced problems as well. Now they use your phone to track you and monitor your speed, gee as if we ain't paying enough already

Stay Safe - Mike
Yep, my insurance company using an app on the phone too.


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Love the dog stories but I'll ease us back on topic :rolleyes: ....... I resent the whole insc co bamboozle of a full-time driving monitor and suspect that, as was stated, their reader/transmitters are not designed to function perfectly on EVERY car out there.

Considering that, should I be concerned about my OBD port or electronical dash wonderment and ECM if I leave my full-time blue-tooth OBD reader plugged in for my Android realtime Torque app??

The set of completely incompetent gauges in this '08 Sprinter cab has been one of my MAJOR gripes that the Torque display seems to solve really well. I had a ScanII that was also a permanent plug-in unit but these Torque app gauges on my dash mounted 7"tablet are light years better in graphics, versatility and detail. Please don't send me back to the land of idiot lights for gauges but I need to protect my fussy d**! Sprinter at all costs. :yell:

Thanks, Mike
Mike, may I ask which one you use as I am in the market.



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