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2004 2500 T1N 144 Hi-top
Here is a photo of a factory installed auxillary heater out of a 2006 2500 T1N. I can`t seem to get any information from the salvage yard just this picture. It is a Webasto brand. Any guesses on model # `s or if its a diesel fired air unit or a hydronic unit plumbed from up front? The price seems right,as i need auxillary heat in my 2004 Tin. Any help much appreciated.:thinking:



2003 158" 2500
Some pictures for size comparison would be helpful but in that pictures it looks larger than the OEM Webasto.


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That looks mighty like an air to air heater, hence the reason for the cage around it!

Remember on all air to air heaters the internal air flow impeller runs very close to the internal case diameter so impacts can affect how it runs if at all. Currently are about $2000 new for the kit plus install, but a new one these days has a lower emissions setting.

The nomenclature on that label will give you the output in BTU's and whether it is gasoline (petrol) or diesel fuel fired.-----Although that stated there's not much difference inside either of them.

We used to be trained Webasto agents before Stewart and Stevenson muscled in on the act; we now fit the Snugger which is a Chinese knock off of the Espar but either work just about the same. Priced at about $750 it falls into a price point cheaper than German stuff and half way less than the Kei-Hin of Japanese carburetor fame (Honda, both 2 & 4 wheels).


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I reckon it's a diesel to air Webasto, almost certainly an Airtop. Not a factory option.

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From some of the dents in the cage it looks like protection was good idea.

The label is right there. I would take the specific info on that and Google it. That should lead you to the brand.


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