North America - Tools for Sprinters (and other Chrysler-Sold/Serviced Product)


Not Suitable w/220v Gen
No, this isn't Sprinter-specific, nor is it appropriate to lock it away in either T1N or NCV3 database....

Miller supplies the fuel line pliers we discussed here.

I remember looking up StarScan and discovering a few Miller Tool Websites.

I don't recall this Miller Special Tools website being around when I was researching such aspects of Sprinter ownership, planning to eventually be the primary healthcare provider for my 2007 Freightliner.

There's a "Dealer" login button and an "Aftermarket" login button. Presumably they're not shy about selling Dealership items to joe-public.

Perhaps this is where we may (eventually) find all the "Special Tools" named in the Service Manual available to purchase ourselves, we the non-dealership owners, we the non-dealership employees.


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