Advanced RV Air Suspension


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The 2014 Sprinter press release talked about an air suspension for the rear of the 3500, but nothing came of it. It wasn't on the US order list for 2014.

Now VB has the factory warranty service in the US so it is a safe option to get. Mercedes will supply Sprinters at the factory with the VB system but whether a dealer in the US can order it is unclear. I think the air system is not provided for the front since in the US crash tests would have to be redone.

The Florida RV show trip from Ohio should give the new rear suspension a good trial run. I would expect a smoother ride in the rear and less body roll over uneven surfaces.

Now I would love for sailquik to meet up with Mike and give us driving impressions and performance numbers for the Advanced RV 4 cylinder with rear air suspension.


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I'm up for it!
Know where we can rent a drag strip or race course for a few hours...reasonably priced of course.

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