Poss. shifter issues


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hello everyone
my shifter shifted into drive and the icon on the dash read P
the drive was engaged however only in second .
I turned off the engine and restarted the Icon went away completely.
but still only 2nd gear.
limped into my mechanic he said he has not witnessed this before and that the sifter poss. needs replaced . that there's a computer in it..
anyone experienced this.

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These symptoms sound familiar to me. If you do an advanced search specifying the T1N section you may find the thread.

I don't recall that the shifter SLA module was at fault. My memory is that it was ATF which wicked up to the TCM connector under the seat. The ATF can affect the CAN bus signals that are used for ECM to TCM communication.

If you find ATF contamination (wet) on the connector it can be cleaned. I believe that some have suggested using carburetor cleaner. a search will get those threads also. Remember to disconnect the battery negative before messing with the TCM connector. vic

P.S. - The Sprinter acronyms used above are found here.



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my mech called and told me the shifter module needs replacing .
to the tune of $744.00
I did find that thread when I get it back from the mech. I will look in there.
Thanks for your help I think you have helped me in the past.
we need more people like you thanks again Popawheelie

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