Check engine light

I started my van this morning and it ran slightly rough for a minute, then it smoothed out. After I noticed that the check engine light came on. Any Ideas as to why? Is it ok to drive like this? It seems to run fine.


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It should be ok to run with the check engine light on. If it wasn't, it should go into limp mode. I would get the codes read though.


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You should be okay. If it was an intermittent problem, then it will reset itself after a certain number of ignition/key cycles, but if it was
something catastrophic it would most likely be in limp mode and the engine light would be flashing.


I don't know anything.
But, on our old Chevy van had problem Check Engine Light that would for some unknown reason come on and no one could find anything wrong. Happened several times and the quick fix was disconnect battery for short period and that would clear light til it acted up again.


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I picked up a scancode tool- there's a discussion of this on sprinters elsewhere on the forum. Really good tool for determining what the problem with the van might be, whether it's an emergency sort of thing, etc. You do have to look up the code as the tool just gives you a raw number but there's a PDF elsewhere in the forum lists all the codes.
Just wanted to let everyone know that my check engine light went out by itself. I think that the fuel in the filter may have gelled slightly that morning. I had forgotten to use power service anti gel on that fill up and it was about 5 degrees the morning it came on. I added the power service later that same day. The next morning I started it and no check engine light.

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