Vibration in the transmission


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Please help i have a 2003 sprinter and starting to get a slight vibration while the van is shifting up and sometimes down.
I have checked the fluid level it is fine.

Is there anyway to fix this before having to replace the transmission :idunno:


Own a DAD ODB2 Unit.
Rumble Strip Noise (RSN)? There is a fix for this (T1N's only) called a DARF (Search for it).

When was the last time you changed transmission fluid (with the right fluid/filter)? Old fluid can make this occur.


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I have a 06 and after I changed the fluid to the Fuchs brand synth it almost stopped the RSN completely. It doesn't even happen if I try to make the noise- ie very low rpms. the difference is night and day 247k on the tranny


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DARF involves drilling a small hole in one of the transmission plates. When I got my 2004 serviced, Amsoil transmission fluid was used and the rumble is much, much worse when the transmission is cold; but I can't afford to have the DARF done.

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