Long-term storage


Planning to store our 2003 van for about two years. The questions:

Any recommended places that store vehicles?
Any recommendations for dust-covers?
How to keep mice from taking over the under-hood area?
Any mechanical considerations? Drain fuel, or use some additive? Trickle charge the battery?

Thanks for any suggestions....


Former Nelson BC Sprinter
For storage, the lower the humidity the better, the less sun/rain the better
Moth balls where mice might home
Add diesel fuel stabilizer or drain , your choice, http://www.goldeagle.com/brands/stabil/
Raise wheels off the ground or lessen weight on tires
Spray rotors/calipers with light oil to prevent rust
disconnect battery or trickle charge with solar panel
Polish / wax before storing


2005 tall 140WB 160K
Not to be a alarmist but, I would skip the moth balls. The active ingredient in mothballs is actually a pesticide, typically napthalene or paradichlorobenzene. The EPA links short-term exposure of humans to naphthalene to cataracts, liver and neurological damage. The agency considers the chemical a possible carcinogen. I remember mom using moth balls all the time & I am still kicking but, why push your luck?

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