Exhaust Manifold Leak.


The bottom nut on the exhaust manifold is leaking an oily substance down the side of the engine onto my Altenator. I have been loosing oil lately. About one quart each 350 miles. I added some UV dye to the oil. When I shine the light on this oily substance it did not glow. The number one injector has also had some diesel pooling next to it lately. I think it may all be connected together somehow. Hopefully not a major fix. Anyone have this situation before?


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Any chance of posting a picture of this bottom nut location ? it may help us to also know which engine or year you have


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Are you sure you are looking at the manifold and not the turbo charger (the next component in the exhaust system after the manifold)?

If I had to guess without a photo I'd suggest you have a leak on either the turbo oil feed, or return - it would be dripping from the return but it might first be running around from the feed directly above!

Have it checked out ASAP, the turbo spins at mind blowing speeds and without adequate lube you can do serious damage.

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