2011 Crew Sliding Door and Wall Panel Removal


2011 Mercedes Crew ~10k
I'm installing sound dampening/insulation and don't want to mess up the factory sliding door and driver side wall panels. Any tips for removing those panels? Should I use a specific tool or just pull it straight away with my hands? Any input will help. Thanks!
AFAIK, not all panels are affixed the same way. Some use the plastic "rivets" and some use sheet metal screws. You certainly do not want to use a "just pull it" technique on either. That probably seems obvious w/ sheet metal screws, so I'll go out on the limb and assume you're asking about removal of the plastic rivets?
Although these are not guaranteed to be replacements, the construction is very similar. Look closely at all the pictures. The center of the rivets should be gently pried out using the recessed "groove" they seat in. Then, the body of the rivet can be pulled out, but some will put up a little fight.

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