Leith, Raleigh, NC (Dealership)


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Leith Mercedes-Benz of Raleigh
5607 Capital Boulevard
Raleigh, NC 27616

Phone Number(s): Service: 888-897-3386
Sales: 888-960-4962

Website: http://www.mercedesbenzraleigh.com/

Information: Their Newsletter announcing their becoming a Sprinter dealer:


We purchased a used Ryder Rental 2008 NCV3 2500 in July in Greensboro NC.
After a disappointing experience at Hendricks Dodge, we called Leith MB and found out they had just become an Authorized Dealer. We took our Sprinter there and they have a beautiful brand new facility, 4 or 5 bays specifically for Sprinters, newly trained Sprinter technicians (with many years of Mercedes-Benz experience already).

They were happy to have us as customers and order parts for us although they are not as familiar with Sprinters, they do know the Mercedes parts system.

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Thank you, reuselady

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