Replaced the Serta mattress


2007 LTV Serenity
When we got the RV used we found the 6" thick Serta LTV Extraordinaire to be comfortable for one, but when two slept on it the sides were quite stiff. Picking it up revealed quite a bit of staining, and really, who wants to sleep on someone else's mattress.

LTV Extraordinaire.jpg

My wife tried to put a mattress topper on, but in the end we ordered a custom mattress from We were driving thru anyway and the guys here in Berkeley that do the same thing wanted $2000 for a custom mattress, YIKES!

The Serenity has a odd shape to the bed and initially the guys took a tall by wide measure, made a cardboard template and tried to lay it down in the space and discovered it is not at all straight. They ended up making a template in paper and discovered it is widest at the hips and come back in, but is basically 80" x 54". Shipped the mattress was less than $600. Since they were already selling us a queen and they make them custom, they did not charge us MORE to cut it to our custom size.

Custom Mattress.jpg

Ended up looking very nice and it's ALL foam so it's all soft:


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