T1N Harmonic Balancer Failure


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It seems pretty solid on there when i tried wiggling it around, but i will test it again to make sure. If it's not totally shot, would it be worth preemptively replacing it? It's just easily accessible at this point while the front is already out...


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210k miles, 2nd harmonic balancer just went. Sounds like a metal thump when starting up and a squealing for 2 seconds after the engine shuts down. This thing sucks


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From another thread.

A possible method for getting the needed degree turns on the HB bolt.

Pulling the seal with the fan in the way requires a low profile tool: I used a Lisle 58430, and you won’t have room for a cheater pipe from underneath, so have something planned to brace against to get the last 1/4 turn of bolt.
Maybe the factory tire jack, or even a floor jack under the ratchet or breaker bar handle? At that point the specification is degrees, not torque.



My 2004 is seized up, I want to see if I can crank the engine. Am I correct to assume I need a 27mm socket?

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