'02 Weatherstripping question


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Hi everyone,

The window seals on my sliding and cargo door windows have begun to leak a little bit when it rains, so getting them re-sealed is on my summer to-do list. I'll probably just have a mobile service come out and do it.

Since I have an early '02, the weatherstripping is different than on the later vans, and I want to head off any confusion about the correct seal to use. I'm not sure if the glass itself was actually changed. Anyway, I dug around a bit and got this # for the weatherstripping: 5104288AA. I'm wondering if anyone has an early T1N and has dealt with this, or can confirm that this # is correct. The attached pic shows the early style seal.

I've also got just a bit of creeping rust in a couple of spots around the seals, and want to deal with that during the window work. I'm not really worried about a perfect match on the paint, but also don't want an eyesore. Any tips there?



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