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Found old thread, thought I would just ask for opinions. This function died just before purchasing. Got a discount as a bonus from seller. My mechanic @ dodge said it was just really a convenience - wouldn't make a difference - performance/mileage etc. True?
Do you use it ? I can use the fix $$ on something else. :thinking:


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Take a look at some of the dozens of threads describing using the LOD (Load) display on a ScanGauge/DashDAQ/UltraGauge as a guide to downshift if LOD rises above 70% and decide for yourself if it's " a convenience ".

(myself? i do use the downshift.. but only "occasionally", not "religiously")
If you're frequently slogging up mountain roads, or using it for coasting speed control, or climbing the "grapevine" in California, then it's far more than " a convenience ".

--dick (opinions, not facts, are the primary content of this message)

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Any common faults with this item - fix price ranges?

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