Replace all injectors?


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Hi everyone. This is my 1st post. Overall I've been very happy with my 04 sprinter now with 227k miles on it. In the last few months it has been costing me too much. An exhaust, new turbo, airflow sensor,brakes, glow plug and module as well as typical maintenance. Now it has developed hot starting problems and i understand it would be from a bad injector. Is it reasonable to replace all of them, given the mileage? this is what the dealer suggests. Will I expect others to fail if just the bad one can be found and fixed. Will there be other expected repairs soon? And another glow plug has failed too. I can't afford another huge repair bill, is my Sprinter on its way to the junkyard, after I just fixed all those other things. Any advise?


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You could perform the "leak down test" on the injectors to see which one(s) are failing.
(it's under the "T1N Write Up" section of the forum, and/or use the Search function)

Your Sprinter *is* 9 years old, so some parts are going to gradually die.
(and fixing the small ones is still cheaper than buying a new Sprinter (maybe))

good luck
--dick (only 8 years...)


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Ok so I get a leak down test done and replace a bad injector or 2. Is it likely the rest are going to fail soon or is that unpredictable? The dealer cost to do all 5 is ridiculously costly. Then there are the "other" things that may be needed during the repair. Are there any alternatives to pricey dealer parts and labor in the boston area? If I had any idea the van would have cost me this much in the last few months I'd have put the money down on a new one. If I go with the dealer recommendation I'd have well over $11k repairs into it, under 1 years time When I got it I was expecting to get at least 10 years and/or 300k miles, was I overly optimistic? Hold on while I get my flame retardant suit and helmet on...

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