Hard Steering question


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I've had my 2002 sprinter for about a year and only drive if for a race van to the track over the last 6 weeks its like the steering is getting harder to turn , starting to get Armstrong when I drive it. my wife won't drive it right now says its to thought to turn
No fluid leaks , no noises that I've noticed, lubed up the nuckel no difference.
Also when running sitting still hard to turn,moving easier but stop and roll to turn tough like at a light. anyone run accross This ?
Sorry I didn't see my first post so hope not on here twice..


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Posting the same post in multiple threads does not ensure you getting a faster answer!

If I had to guess, I would suspect the steering rack.



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checked about 3 hrs later to see if a reply didn't see post anywhere . So I reposted and then it came up?? not a computer person so don't know.


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Had a similar problem with mine and it was a seized UJ which required a complete new rack. Not cheap!

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