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Hi to everyone. I bought a super clean 2005 2500 140 regular roof cargo with 75k miles this March (2013). I sold a totally loaded Ford EB penthouse pop top Sportsmobile to buy the sprinter. I am converting the van to be used for a weekender type camper that can still haul motorcycle, surfing, bicycle gear and for lumber yard runs. I have had many vans in my life and have done a lot of work on vehicles, (motorcycles, boats, trucks, cars ect.) over the years, (born in 55). I had a 1968 VW camp mobile, (back in the mid 70s) that required way too much motor work. Anyway, this forums information has been invaluable to me when servicing and refitting this sprinter and I thank yall for it.

The van had a MIL when I bought it, (checked with regular OBDII that indicated a glow plug circuit 5 problem. I did not repair it immediately as it started fine, (it is hot here on the Texas coast). My state inspection expires in August and will not pass with a MIL on so I got glow plugs and a new updated GP module from Europarts SD. I soaked them in PB blaster once a week for 3 months and they came out clean with no issues. After the GP install I went to clear the MIL with the OBDII and another code was present, (U0423) Invalid Data Received from Instrument Panel. I had not checked the Codes before the GP install as the MIL has been on the entire time I have owned it. I cleared the codes and the GP code is gone but the U0423 returned. The van runs very smooth and starts fine and all systems appear to be working. The OBDII indicated 0 rpm, 0 speed 0 loads on the freeze frame data for the U0423. I know the U0423 is a generic code.
Other mechanical/maintenance things to consider that may have had an impact on and/or caused this code. I changed all brake rotors and pads, (I re-checked the sensor connections today look ok?), did the transmission service per the forum members procedures, (used the Europarts SD transmission service kit). I replaced the turbo resonator, air filter, cabin air filter, and did oil change. I installed a new AGM battery. Cleaned sliding door lock contacts. Removed rear drivers side tail light to check previous owners wiring on trailer light harness, it is sloppy but sound but I have not had time to solder and shrink wrap the connections as I have yet to use it.

Where is the best place to start looking for the cause of this code?
Will a proper MB spec diagnostic tool narrow down the U0423 and what is the proper tool?
Does anyone know a good repair shop in the Houston Metro area, (preferably south side).
Any help with this is really appreciated.

Thanks, Steve


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You can start by downloading the 2006 service manual from includes the Body and Chassis diagnostic manuals, but unfortunately they're keyed by the TEXT that a dealer's DRB-III would present given the problem code.

So: yes, a proper Dodge DRB-III or MB scanner would provide a more precise definition of what your code means.

p.s. putting your model information in your signature block would help avoid having to remember to type it in each time

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Thanks for the reply.

I will try to find a shop that can read the code and possibly do the repair if it it is something I wouldn't be able to or have time to tackle myself. After owning only Toyota trucks for the last 8 years that never ever had any issues I got spoiled. I guess I am back in the quirky German auto maintenance world. I have German motorcycles and know the drill.:laughing:


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Just to follow up to help anyone chasing a U0423 generic code.

I called around to try to find someone to read my code with a dodge or and MB scan tool.
Several local shops recommended Alex Rodriguez Mercedes in League City, TX.
Gave them a call and they will work on Dodge branded Sprinters. The minimum time to do a repair or read a code is 3 days from when you drop it off if you have an appointment.
That is not big deal as I my sprinter is not my primary transportation.

I am leaving on vacation tomorrow and had time yesterday so I called around to a few more shops to see if I could find someone to read the code. Let me tell yall I hit the jackpot. I found a place about a 20 minute easy freeway drive from my house. They work on MB and just about anything else. Told me they charge $85.00 to do the scan and if I could get there before 11 am they could read the code while I waited.

Got there and waited about 5 minutes while the Mechanic talked to another customer who was there before me. He hooked it up, (was a snap-on scanner) the went over to his computer messed around a little came back and told me it was the ambient air temp sensor and/or circuit.

To be perfectly honest and I am a little embarrassed that I did not even know my van had a exterior temp read out on the dash. I have been very busy at my job and then in my free time working on installing 6 windows, sound proofing/insulating the interior and doing the maintenance stuff that I have driven less than 1 tank of fuel thought it.

He pulled out the sensor and checked with multi meter and said it was bad. They do not charge to read the code if you let them do the repair. Said he could not get the part today. The owner showed up while i was there and started rebuilding a Mazda 3 slushbox that was on pulled apart on a bench when I got there. He said come back Monday as he thought he could get the part and they could do the repair. I told him i was going to be out of town and he said ok whenever. I ask him how much I own him and he said nothing just come back when you get back in town and the would get the part put it in and make sure it corrects the problem.

Damn, I cannot say enough how nice these guys are. If you are in the area give them a shot.

SUPREME1 5111 FM 2351 Friendswood, TX 77546 Phone: 281-996-7888 Email:

I got home and decided to check to see if I could find any info on this site about the ambient air temp sensor and/or circuit and found this

I dug through my electronics parts drawer and found a 5.6 k ohm resistor, jumped it across and wallah got a reading of + 50 deg F :rad: Jumper-ed in a 3.9 k ohm and got a reading of + 65 deg F. Left it in cleared the code started it 4 times, drove around some and the MIL did not come back on :bounce:. I will call the guys at SUPREME1 Monday and tell them to order the part, 05103563AA and will go back and let them install it as I owe them. I am super stoked to find them now that I have the Sprinter.


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