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We live in Southern California and have a 2013 Unity TB model. We're thinking of getting a cover for it to protect it primarily from the sun. Has anyone gotten one and if so what brand and size? I'd also be interested in knowing how you install it; that is, do you use a ladder and get on the roof and drag it over or do you use a ladder(s) and install it going from side to side? Do any of the antennas need to be removed? Thanks.


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We live in NY and cover our 2010 Unity MB during the winter months. The cover is a semi-custom cover made by Calmark and can be ordered either on line or by phone. It was a little more expensive than some of the others available but I liked the idea of the lightweight Sunbrela material and the semi-custom fit. We've had ours for two winters and feel that the protection it offers is well worth it. I wash and wax the motorhome before covering and it looks as good upon uncovering in the Spring as it did before. The cover also looks good after two winters.

I usually have help when covering or uncovering, but it is light enough to allow one person to do it. I first unscrew the radio antenna over the windshield, then pad any sharp corners like around vents, and TV antenna with towels. I use a step ladder that's tall enough to enable me to get up on the roof easily from the rear. Once on the ladder I have a helper pass the cover to me so I can rest it on the roof. I then get on the roof and carry it to the front of the motorhome and unroll it toward the back (the cover is marked "front" so that when rolled up it shows on the outside). Once unrolled I unfold it letting the sides drop down in place. I reverse the process to remove it making sure that when rolled up the "front" marking is visible before storing. I store it in a 39 gal. plastic garbage can with a lid that seals.


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Jafare, thanks for the reply regarding the RV cover. It sounds like a pretty straight-forward job to use the cover and it's good to know that the roof of the Unity can support a person walking on it. I hadn't heard of Calmark before so now we have some additional options - thanks again.


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I have a cover from Camping World which is made for a class C of a similar size. It has a white fabric roof and beige sides. It covers all of the Unity right to the ground almost.
Have used it for two winters.
It is designed to "breath" so it's not completely water proof, but blocks all the UV.
I take the antenna off on the top of the cab (unscrews by hand) and get on the roof by ladder. It is then pulled on from one end to the other then over the sides. Probably good to avoid standing on the sun roofs and vents though.
Hope this helps.


2013 Unity MB
Reviving this thread on RV covers.

We have tree sap and pine needles that result in black gunk build-up. It is not feasible to remove all the trees and much more convenient to keep the Unity MB at home. We only plan to keep this vehicle here for 2 years so, a cover best fits the math.

I thought of a method to cover the RV single handed and without getting on the roof. (I am too clumsy and wife's shoulder injuries mean she cannot do anything with arms overhead) I tested the plan with the first cover install and it worked, so I can share.

Cover purchased from Camping World for a class C from 23 - 26 feet in total length, tan side panels and white top. I opened and spread cover on the driveway to get oriented and noticed large hand loops sewn on the front and rear roof section. Ah ha, a clue!

I attached different color ropes to the front loops so I could keep track of left and right. I made sure the ropes were long enough, needs to be about 60 feet. I then folded side panels onto the top and folded the rear panel on top. I started at the front panel and started a loose roll from front to rear. As I rolled, my ropes rolled up with the cover. Standing at the right side of the cover, I rolled counterclockwise. The underside of the cover is on the outside of the roll as are the ropes.

I lifted the roll to my right shoulder and climbed a 6 foot step ladder at the rear of the Unity. I needed to get just high enough to deposit the roll across the roof. The different color ropes helped make sure I had the cover in the correct orientation.

Now I tossed the free end of each rope over the vehicle. With 60 feet of rope, there is enough that the rope clears the windshield and chassis hood. Now for the moment of truth, would it work? I left the ladder and walked around to the front of the vehicle, pulled each rope and the cover easily unrolled. Since the rope is pulling over the top of the roll, the cover lifts a bit which is helpful clearing mostobstacles on the coach roof. I could pull more or less on each side to assure the cover unrolled in the appropriate direction.

When the cover caught on something, I was able to free the cover using the step ladder and a heavy duty extension grabber. From the step ladder, I can reach over half-way across the coach and can reach the top from the ground. The cover tends to catch on a metal tab protruding from the slide awning.

Once the cover unrolled to the front section, I used the grabber to pull the front, side and rear panels into position. I was able to grab the front and rear panels from the ground. One trip up the ladder for each side and the cover was ready for final adjustments and tie down.

I spent more time adjusting and tying loose web ends so no fabric or web straps touch the ground than I did on the first steps. I used my extension grabber to pull web straps under the coach. I did not notice the supplied weighted straps with female buckles until I was finished. These would have saved some time as one can attach the weighted strap to a strap buckle and use the weight to toss the free end all the way under the coach.

At 23 - 26 feet, this cover suffices but the Unity cab overhang is shorter than most C's so the thing is almost too long. The rear panel touches the ground. I rolled the loose material and stuffed it under the bumper. I think the shorter cover would work but not cover all the bumper.

The other big mistake, I left the radio antenna in place and allowed the cover to bend it. I will remove the aerial in the future until I can find a shorter unit or design an antenna cover.

I took the cover off by just pulling on the rear section and using my extension grabber as needed. I shook the cover to dislodge pine straw as I pulled 2 - 3 feet at time from the roof. The whole thing pooled at the rear. After spreading the cover, I folded the panels and re-attached my ropes then rolled up as before. I then folded the sausage roll in thirds and slipped the storage bag over the end. It fit!

Next time, I will get a clean tarp and spread on the ground before re-folding and rolling the tarp. This will help keep grit, leaves and pine straw from sticking to the cover underside.

With practice, I can likely get the time down to under 30 minutes to cover or uncover.

It takes me 4 - 5 hours to wash and apply 303/Protect All or $4 dollars a foot at a detail shop. Indoor storage would trump covers but there is none to be had within reason in this area.

I would like to purchase a red and green web strap instead of the ropes thinking it would be neater and easy to remember Red Right Returning.


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We use an ADVO RV cover. Bought it from Camping World online for $199.00. We park under an evergreen with lots of pine needles and sap. Wouldn't park it there without a cover. Works well at keeping the RV in pristine condition.

We used a cover on our 2012 IB for 3 years parked in the same location. Got a great resale value when we sold it (FSBO) because we kept it in such good condition. We even took it to Burning Man 3 times.

I use a ladder to get up on the roof from the rear. Walk to the front and unroll it over the windshield and towards the back of the RV. Then unfold and drape the sides. Reverse process when uncovering. Takes about 10 minutes each way. One person.


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