Noisy Rear Seats

My rear seat makes a hell of a lot of jiggling noises while driving. I think it's the contact points between the seat and mounts. Has anyone worked on this issue? When I first got my van, there were some cylindrical rubber pieces that went on some of the seat mounts. Maybe I should have kept them (ha ha). Does anyone have these rubber pieces and know where they should go?

Thanks guys!


'02 140 Hi BlueBlk Pass
My rubber bushings are also long disappeared.

But the noise is only sometimes -
Make sure that both locks are in place. It is not the locks that stop the noise. Rather, if they engage, they indicate that the seat's feer are fully engaged. From even before I bought my 2002 Sprinter at the dealer, I found that I have to often kick the seats into place (sit on floor and kick to get enough force).

I also found that 3 butts on each of the seats helps a lot.
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