2002 loss power revs only to 2200-2500 ??


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Ohio sprinter owner yesterday the family and I went to the motorcycle races, we use this only as a race van 1 hr into trip like we los power up hill we would barley make it down hill we could get it to 65. no check engine lights what's so ever. pull off shut of fire back up still the same thought this started happing one other time but when shut off and back on was fine.
looked over everything cant find anything. got us to the track taking it easy raced got in it thinking or hoping when the race was done we would be cooled and run good again. no!
we drove home slowly 65 down hill then almost coast up hill all the way but she did get us home. what could it be ??? I called and left message with the dr. but no word yet from him hes busy we all know.
went out this am still the same revs up to 2200 -2500 lots of smoke? any help would be great. Thanks in advance


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ryan I can't help you but just wanted to say... Go Eslick! and everyone else, really, there's not many I don't like.
hope you get your sprinter sorted, pfflyer is spot on, the smoke color tells you if it is coolant, oil, or fuel. Or the dreaded combo-pack. Have you checked all your fluids?


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color looks to be white.
when I started up this time it reved to 2200-2500 for a second then went to the 4k like it would run fine again so I pulled off turbo hoses and check when bottom big hose was off it went to the 2200 -2500 so I thought must be that hose nope put back on fine ??
checked all fluids and pulled off all hose to turbo checked them very well for any leaks holes rips, none found


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let me add this last few times I drove it cause most of the tracks are 1 or 2 hrs away. 1 hr tracks never seem to have problem 2 hrs tracks seem like about 1 1/2 into it is when I start to feel something is going wrong feel it in the pedal that its like loosing boost? but then were at track cools down fine this time I thought there is a problem and it never fixed its self after cool down.


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Retry this post with updated info 2002 power loss?

we use this for a race van only in most cases:
drove this to work a few times driving down rd then all a sudden like no gas pedal power just for a second long enough that you notice and you think whats going on? then back to normal this is a 15 min. drive only happens once during trip.

take this to the track 1 hr drive this may happen 3 times now its getting to be normal to me never leaves me stranded. ok then let sit at track go home runs fine at first like always and repeats everything

ok drove this to race 2 hr drive last night feel the same thing about 3 or 4 or 5 time no real deal then it happens again but this time never came out of it but this time it gives me about 2200-2500 of rpm and very little power down hill I can go 65 up hill 10,20 30 mph.? and noticed it wont down shift if I floor it so I hand down shift it. still never got a engine light leave track after 8 hrs. drove all the way home yes it got me here but it was 65 down hill 25 up hill.
Got up this am started it up it was still in the same mood as last night rev up 2200-2500 rpm only lots of I would say white smoke.
pressured washed van and bikes go to move sprinter in garage running perfect??? took for 5 min test drive ran like nothing wrong, read all the loss power questions on here checked all the items they all said with a fine tooth comb don't see anything but I know the same thing will happen all over any other thoughts out there??
something getting hot and sticking? like no turbo boost!
2002 sprinter 2500 low top 187k miles I replaced so many things over the last year that has never changed it and it real bad when I own a mechanical shop and its my own vehicle and the family rides in this to the motorcycle races. I did everything so it don't break down.
either I missing something or the test I run that you all provided Im doing them wrong or HELP............... HAIR IS TURNNING ALL GRAY I like a challenge but this has knocked me out. Thanks


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Re: Retry this post with updated info 2002 power loss?

Replace fuel filter.


Re: Retry this post with updated info 2002 power loss?

Have you replaced the turbo hoses? Could be a leaking hose or turbo resonator. The hose from the intercooler to the intake manifold is particularly likely to crack, and sometimes very difficult to see. What codes are being set?


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Re: Retry this post with updated info 2002 power loss?

replaced fuel filter already
replaced all turbo hoses
not a code set. no cel
Thanks thou

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There is information in the the threads below. The threads are a bit long and will take some research, but LHM can be complex to track down. You really should get your codes read and your engine operating parameters checked with a dealership level scan tool (DRBIII, DAD or similar). That may reveal information that will help you to resolve your issue.

Being limited to a specific RPM may offer a clue. vic

LHM limp home mode possible causes

LHM Limp Home Mode Experiment
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Got some codes pulled off today P1482 glow output stage communication fault
P1403 Egr signal failure
P1630 immob.wsp. control unit don't
P1470 charge press. control press. to low
any thoughts out there?


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didn't see my last post sorry for the double hit here!!
well she had some stored codes but no cel light tripped?
p1482,1403,1630 & 1470 guess need to start checking some electrical
the glow plug light was on in the past but I changed all them and hasn't been on since the egr signal failure ??
any thoughts before I dig into this mess?
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check condition of vacuum lines and connections to recirculation door actuater on side of heater just above battery also vacuum hose from underside of turbo to transducer which is beneath air cleaner


Own a DAD ODB2 Unit.
1470 is a good indicator of the 2002/2003 turbo actuator not positioning right - I got that error as a result of positioning errors from my EGR (when it was wet out) - I taped the connectors going to the wires - the one causing the problem on my 2002 was the connector from the EGR.

I also take off and clean my EGR every spring (I spray the connectors with contact cleaner when ever any of them are apart - I got the spray electrical contact cleaner at an auto parts store).

NOTE: there is a controller unit for modulating the vacuum to the Turbo Actuator under the air filter (NAFTA - US model) that has hoses that feed the turbo actuator. I replaced this on mine (and water proofed some connectors there). I had to remove the air filter to get to it.

I also used some ceramic brake lubricant (they sell it at auto parts stores in small packages on the parts counter) on the Actuator parts that actually move, I removed the turbo heat shield to get to them. You may want to lubricate your actuators moving parts as well - they get hot, that's why I used lubricant for brakes..
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Removing headlight will allow access to the vacuum activated turbo actuator (02-03).
Have you done a test on the EGR to see if it is leaking off pressure? Search "EGR block off".


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Changed every hose possible that I could fine
Replaced fuel filter
Pulled off changed every sencor and put dielectric greased each one
Replaced actuator under air box
Greased up turbo arm
Pulled off the vacuum diagram under turbo checked it holds great lubed it up
Checked all vacuum lines up at heater change over door all good smooth operation
Checked and cleaned egr not bad but don't know how to check ang see if ok or not all seem to work smoothly
Still run about 1 hr and goes to LHM. Have to start up turn off 3 times to reset.????????

Maybe bad egr?? I can't find a post on how to check egr or block off test? I'm trying and sprinter is getting in my pocket perty deep as you can see

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