Power steering fluid change?

Hi everyone:

Had the van into the mechanic last week for a few items. While performing the service, one of the technicians noted that the power steering was "dark" and "smelled burned". They recommended to flush the power steering system and refill with new fluid.

This is my indie - normally, they're very good about these kinds of things. I spoke to the dealer today to schedule a service appointment for a safety recall, and mentioned the power steering fluid. He told me that the fluid should be just fine, and that the maintenance books don't even call for replacing it.

The van has just over 35k on the odometer. Just wondering if anyone has changed their fluid this early on in the game.

Many thanks!


06 T1N Can
Service writer is right...

Top left hand corner.

If you're paying them to do it, then I would just top it off like the manual says.

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