Squeak under van-


I happened to want to simply roll my '05 2500 back a few feet in the garage so I put it in neutral, took off e brake and pushed it- very easy to roll but as soon as it rolled in either direction, a constant squeak was heard from under van... never heard before because it was running I assume.
Is this a carrier bearing? Can it be easily replaced or what else could it be?


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It could just be the disk and parking brake pads being pushed away from the rotors as motion commenced.
i.e. "normal".

But if you're localizing it to the center of the Sprinter, then certainly a carrier (or U-joint) bearing would be suspect.

Jack up one rear wheel, chock the front and still-on-ground wheels securely. Jack stands are a good idea, too.
Transmission in Neutral. Parking brake released.

Now spin the off-the-ground wheel.
This will spin the propeller shaft, and let you locate the sound without having to follow the Sprinter down the street (hopefully).
If you have a mechanic's stethoscope with a probe, that would let you pin-point the source.


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