Turn signal

Looking for some help with a not working
Left turn.I'll start with what works. The
Right signal works,all four flashers work.
When the left is turned on the sending
Unit makes a real fast clicking sound
But no lights front,back or on the dash.
Have checked all the bulbs and all work
I looked for a fuse but can't find a fuse
For the turns sig.what fuse is for the
Turns? Where can I find wire digram
For my 06 3500.

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By all means use the service manual. That said, I can't stress enough that you need to double check all the fuses both under the steering column and under the seat. The fuses often look OK until you get in with flashlight and look closely. Add to that the rear taillights seem to be fused six ways to Sunday. The fuses are worth a close look.

There is information in this thread about both my 2004 FB #1 and FB #2 which should generally also apply to your 2006. vic



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Do you have a trailer towing module/wiring?
They add a relay and diode block in the left rear taillight well for the taps to that.
Problems with that can affect the left side.

Also, the plastic holding the bus bars in the taillight assembly can break, losing contact with the bulbs (and shorting together)



UK 2004 T1N 313CDi
We had exactly the same problem in our 2004 T1N a couple of years ago and it turned out to be one of the small relays in the base of the steering column fusebox.
I can't remember which one right now but one is for engine management, second for wipers and third for indicators.
Poor connections are normally the problem so, with the ignition off, try unpugging and replugging each one and then see if it has cured your problem.
If you need to know which relay it actually is then I can let you know later (there is a drawing stored on my home computer).


Edit. To add picture of steering column fuse box showing relay locations.


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O.E.M Mopar 02-06 Dodge Sprinter Fuse Block 5120244AA is what you are looking at.
I found the best price so far was a shop that is posting on E-Bay for $118. with free shipping and have replaced mine and did not fix problem. Next replacement will be the MB Dodge Sprinter Combination Steering Switch 0015404645 which also can be found lower priced on E-bay at $81. with free shipping for NIB parts. Hope that fixes it, inspection due soon. Mine is the Right turn light not working and the fast clicking of the relay.
Sounds like the same as my turn sig. problem . I am still in the check all fuses & relay's
Have not found a fuse yet. checked all under steering and all under seat all were good.
replaced all bulbs front & rear. Pulled the two relay's in steering column the turns are on the
right side they were both the same relay so I switched them but no help there.
Some where there must be another fuse & relay's as of yet have not found them.
Let me know what you find with your problem and I'll keep my progress updated. Gene or
ak lowprofile


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The fast clicking means that everything up to the Fuse Block 1 relay is working.
You could have a damaged wire harness (it runs under the Sprinter to reach the rear...)

BUT: there are also two relays on the under-seat relay block: one for the RIGHT Side, and the other for the LEFT.
This diagram is the "generic" layout, your vehicle will undoubtedly differ:

The two side-specific relays are labeled "lamp relay left" and "lamp relay right"

Here is the right side's schematic (the Red Triangles are connected):

..and here's the left side's schematic (the Blue triangles are connected):

You said you replaced all bulbs "front and rear"... did you also replace the side marker bulbs?
Have you sat outside and watched? (do any flash, do they all flash quickly?)

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Yes all bulbs front & rear changed
Right side everything works.
Right & left hazard works
Left turn nothing works just the fast clicking sound that should point to a bad bulb.
This is on my 2006 T1N 3500 long tall pass. van


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Left turn nothing works just the fast clicking sound that should point to a bad bulb.
Since *nothing* works, i would suspect the "Lamp Relay - Left" under the left (US driver's) seat.

Do both brake lights work?



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So after changing my fuse panel that is under the steering wheel and not solving the turn light problem. Today I had my mechanic change out the turn signal switch assembly at the steering column and that fixed all my turn signal problems. I would guess that the fuse panel that I changed might still be good and will save. The replacement will be the MB Dodge Sprinter Combination Steering Switch 0015404645 which also can be found lower priced on E-bay at $86. with free shipping for NIB parts. Got vehicle inspection done today also.
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Well I found the problem with my left turn sig. after hours of searching and testing every fuse and relay on the van. I was thinking that it was the multi function switch
and was about to order a new one. I did one last check of the left headlight module and found that the green wire that (pos.wire +) was grounding to the headlight
lens reflector (that is inside the cavity where the bulb socket screws into) there is not much room in there and that hot wire lays on the silver coating which is conductive. If you are having problems with the turn signal look into the headlight module cavity there are three contact points and three wires one that lead to ground and two hot if a hot wire touches the silver backing of the lens it will ground out... By the way on my 2006 there is four gray relays under the seat ther are not in the fuse panel that you can see from the side I had to remove the seat to gain access to them. Thanks to all that provided me with help lowprofile

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