Mobil 1 0w-40 or 15w-40 in hot weather?


2005 T1N Conversion
The T1N manual shows 0w-40 weight oil below 100F and 15w-40 above 0F.

Since I've owned the Sprinter, I've put only 0w-40 in, despite being in 100F+ temperatures at times.

Right now, I'm in summer weather in the northeast, but will be returning to the south soon,

Which oil should I be using?

I liked the 0w-40 because it seemed like the engine ran so much more smoothly, but the manual clearly says 15w-40 above 100F.

What would you do?
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I liked the 0w-40 because it seemed like the engine ran so much more smoothly, but the manual clearly says 15w-40 above 100F.

What would you do?
I don't agree that a chart would clearly show that 0w-40 isn't good above 100F ambient, but I'm away from normal resources. I don't recall that restriction and I think it would stick in my mind.

There is a viscosity chart here at BEVO which looks like the one that I recall from my operator manual.

I interpret that the straight solid line denotes a limit to viscosity use. An arrow indicates that the range continues up, or down in the case of 0w-40.

I would continue to use the 0w-40 MB229.5 rated oil.

Can you post your chart? vic


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The only difference between Mobil 1 0W-40 European Car Formula (MB BEVO 229.5 and some older obsolete BEVO Specs) and Mobil 1 European Car Formula 15W-40 (is the viscosity (thickness) of the oil molecules when your engine is cold and you are starting it for the first time each day or after long periods of not running.
If you lived in an area where the temperature was ALWAYS above 100 deg. F (37.7 deg. C) then it might make sense to use the 15W-40, but even in the summertime in the Southern USA it's still well below 100 deg. F in the morning when you would be starting your Sprinter.
So, in agreement with my experience and that of many others on this forum, suggest you stay with the Mobil 1 0W-40 European Car Formula. It's arguably the best oil for a T1N NAFTA 5 cylinder OM-612 or OM-647 engine in all climate conditions found in the USA.
I have lots of miles in temps exceeding 100 deg. F in the Midwest from Texas up to Minnesota towing at near capacity with my '06 T1N 3500 and had no problems at all.
Once your engine gets up to normal operating temp, the viscosity improvers in the Mobil 1 full synthetic will ensure you have the protection you need.
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Here's the chart from my 2005 (and 2006) owners manual:


Yes, this chart poops out at 86 F, but the arrow still points up which means "i'm legal" (spoken slightly sarcastically)

Since the "-40" is the hot end of the oil's rating, what the chart is really trying to get you to do is not put too *thick* an oil in during the cold months. Thick oil at starting won't pump well, could exceed the oil cooler's pressure rating and could fail to quickly reach the furthest (and most constricted) of the oil journals.

The text in Vic's BEVO chart reflects that cold-weather concern.

SullyVan? Where did you GET your chart? Mine's directly copied from the Owner's Manual.
You'll notice that your chart says 15W is good down to zero F... the MB chart stops it at 5F

--dick (from the land where it's almost always below 80F in the morning)
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From another thread here:

For light duty mb diesels like the sprinter you can use 229.5 spec oil. That is factory fill as mobil1 0W40. 229.5 is also specified for petrol engines.

You can also use 228.5 oils in mb diesels including heavy duty diesel engines. But you can't use 229.5 in heavy duty diesels.

This leads me to believe that 228.5 is generally better than 229.5 fwiw, but either is fine for the sprinter.

vic said:
Not that my opinion should have any impact, but I agree. There is what I think is a rather large misconception that the higher number MB spec lubricants are better in all ways than their lower number predecessors. In the MB BEVO system just because it is a different formulation and a lower number does not automatically mean that it is an inferior product. It means that it is a different product. If it were not up to the task then they would not list it on BEVO.

Just my opinion in yet another oil thread. vic

:2cents: vic

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2005 T1N Conversion
Good input guys. Thanks. The chart I added was from a little guide on this site someone put together about oil changes. It had the filter number, oil change process, etc.

Since the 0w-40 was $22 for 5 quarts(!!!!) at Walmart today, I went with that. Shoved some in my Honda GC160 generator engine too after reading about people having good results and it did the same thing for the generator it does for the sprinter. Quiets the engine right down. That has to be a good thing.

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