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I have a 2004 sprinter, it starts up normal in the morning and will start up if you turn it off right away and restart, but if it sits after driving it when you return after aprox. let's say 10min. it will not start. I check the fuel filter and found fuel is flowing, I check the fuel rail and found fuel going to the injector. I would keep trying to start tapping sensors and relays to see if it would start but it does not. I would try to start for about 5min then just like it would start. The engine is still hot so nothing is cool down to say that is the fault. I check the air filter the fuel filter and there is no check engine light. This happen about a year ago where the start and give it a rest and it would start just like that. At that time I tough it was the fuel pump so I change it but it still give the same fault, But just like that it did not give no problem for a year and just like that it started to give the same fault but this time I eliminate the fuel as being the fault.. if anyone found or have any idea to what is causing this please let me know..thanks..
Could be bad injectors, you may need to search the T1n side of the forum for injector leak down procedure and try it.


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Without a good diagnostics scan, you could be changing anything without knowing what the real problem is. It could be a number of things - camshaft or crankshaft position sensors, loose connections, intermittent relays or any number of gremlins. It sounds like a sensor may be at fault, with it's internal resistance changing when it heats up from the engine reaching operating temperature. You could ohm out the crank and cam sensors before and after engine has been running to check for a difference.
Short of a dealer level scan, you could try having an auto parts store scan your Sprinter for free (this may or may not find the fault, based on the type of scan tool used), or check the S.T.A.L. listing to see if someone is near you that may be able to help. https://sprinter-source.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16023



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Look at the thread "hard to start when hot" on the T1N Talk section.

My issue turned out to be a bad injector, which would leak too much hot (thin) fuel back to the fuel return line, resulting in too low of rail pressure. The rail must reach a a minimum pressure for the ECU to send the "OK" for the engine run. The leak-off test identified the problem injector and I replaced it.


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Found the problem it is the camshaft sensor.. Replace it and working fine now..thanks for your suggestion :clapping:

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