Another cracked turbo hose


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The "Check Engine" light came on yesterday. The van was running nominally, but I don't normally push it too hard. I didn't see anything obvious, so I took it to Upscale this morning. Low boost pressure code. The hose was cracked, so they replaced it.

I wonder if this will make any difference in the mileage? It drop a couple mpg last winter. Not enough to worry about, but noticeable. I'm not driving all that much these days, so it will be months before I know. Yeah, I could install a Scanguage, but I'm on a fixed income and my rich uncle hasn't died yet.


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If you have one leaking turbo hose, it's time to replace them all.


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By 100K I had replaced the upper hose twice. At about 170 I replaced the lower hose proactively, though it appeared fine. Waiting on the upper to go again.


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99 - Seems like many more people have a problem with the upper hose than the lower one and I don't have money to throw at the van right now. If I did, I'd get the rear door straightened out first.

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Not that anyone asked...

The Resonator Eliminator has a proven track record as a successful alternate part. The hose "fix" has actually been reported to cause some different failures. A search will get details for anyone who is interested.

The lower short hose has had many less reports of failure than the upper hose. I believe that the longer hose length allows the pressure to expand and stress the upper hose more.

My cable tie experiment has been working for since 2009. The cable ties are very easy to install.

I carry duct tape and braided picture wire for emergency repairs. vic


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Turbo hose failure of this nature is common on all applications with these types of neoprene chord reinforced based hoses.

Normally it would be a service replacement consideration at about 80K miles.

Other manufactures extend service life by using silicon hoses and special band clamps. If you look at Ford, they use a convoluted short silicon turbo hose with wire external brace over the convolutions.
If someone were to offer a direct replacement in silicon it would certainly be worth a consideration but at what cost???

The upper one complete is about $113 plus tax, in silicon??

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My cars are Saab turbos and they always use Aluminum turbo and intercooler pipes with either silicon or viton for the connection pieces. It might cost $150 for a set of pipes and connectors but they would well outlast the stock hoses which sell for just as much. If I make up a set or have a set made up I will report on cost and post lots of photos.


Hose repaired but as I was taking off the old hose I discovered that the van already had these parts installed so now I have both of these. Guess they will go to the for sale section as the guy charges a 20% restocking fee.

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