Rough Idle, no power


2003 passenger van (Re-posting this in the T1N section)

Just changed the fuel filter and the entire EGR hose (including the temp sensor). Started the van, rough idle, no power. While running, the engine made a chuffing sound (as if the temp sensor had popped out... but it had not). After running for a minute, the engine began to run normally. Check light did not come on.
Thanks for any suggestions!


It may have just been a bit of air got in the fuel lines while you were changing the filter.
If it doesn't come back, then it's nothing important.


Here may be the answer to my own question...

When the rough idle occurred, the van had been sitting for several days. The fuel filter was replaced using the old O-ring. Our tech advisor said this old O-ring may have allowed the filter to lose its "prime". The problem has not re-occurred, but will replace the O-ring anyway.

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... The problem has not re-occurred, but will replace the O-ring anyway.
The 2003 loses it's "prime" every time the filter is replaced. As soon as the fuel system is open to atmosphere the fuel in the lines runs back to the tank.

As a general rule an undamaged O-ring is good for more than one use. If your Sprinter is now starting and running correctly I would leave well enough alone. The assembly of the fuel filter system parts can be a bit touchy. There have also been reports of O-ring size being critical and not quite right on some replacement filter packages.

I agree with Mendonsy that it's nothing important. You may open a can of worms. vic

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