wicking up the transmission control cable?


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Tranny went into limp mode and I checked the transmission electrical socket; sure enough, full of tranny fluid. I'm changing the socket now. However I have a question about the "wicking fluid into the TCM" potential issue. Looking at the electrical wires coming out of the socket, they are all clean as a whistle. Does fluid wick up *inside* the wires, all the way to the TCM under the driver's seat? How to check if this has happened?




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Look under the drivers seat - if it wicked up (as mine did), the wires going the TCM will have oil on them.

Mine was flooded with transmission fluid. I got a can (from the auto parts store) of electronic contact cleaner and flushed the Transmission Control Module (under the drivers seat) 4 or 5 times (filling it up with the spray, shaking it, wait 30 seconds or so and dumped it out). The TCM is sealed so you can't open it, but not so that I could not flush it out.

Don't Use Carb Cleaner - it has lubricants in it that would coat stuff and potentially cause problems.
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Changed my leaking socket today. Started visibly leaking in just the last few days. The bolt was tight but the socket was loose in the housing. When I got it out the o rings were a translucent white. Think gummy worms. Yeeks. 10 minute job. With the car in my steep driveway and the front up on ramps, not a drop came out. Are people also changing the o ring on the plug?

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