JC Car Care, Lake Oswego, OR (Service)


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Jake S.

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JC Car Care, LLC.
5717 SW Jean Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Phone Number(s): 503.305.5920
Email: info@jccarcarellc.com
Website: www.portlandsprinter.com or wwwjccarcarellc.com

Information: We are a small independent repair shop building a reputation on personal service. We came from dealerships with 40 years of combined experience, and want to offer the dealership alternative to our customers. My business partner is a Sprinter factory master certified technician, as well as, a Chrysler factory master certified technician, and ASE master certified technician. We offer small business and fleet programs, and are an authorized Enterprise Fleet Maintenance repair shop.


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Had my 30k service done at JC today on my 2010 2500 144". Really impressed with this shop. I've tried two others previously, McCoy Freightliner and a dealership--both were more expensive and much less helpful, where I wasn't allowed to ask questions of the mechanics, and the front desk people were not knowledgable. Guy at JC talked with me for 30 minutes, explaining some things that I didn't understand about my Sprinter black box. Really helpful. Noticed two local Sprinter fleets being serviced at this shop while I was there, which I considered to be a good sign as well. JC guy quoted me two hours for the service, and finished a little faster than that. Very good customer service experience for me.


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Re: JC Car Care, Lake Oswego, OR (Service)Ind.

An Independent Affordable and Knowledgeable alternative diagnostic and repair service for Sprinters in SW Portland, not far from Hwy 5 and Hwy 205 S.W.,
Certified Sprinter Trained with positive reviews
Oil change was $180, using MB specified oil and a new filter.
Quote from dealership was closer to $350, so a safe cheaper choice
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Just had first B service completed by JC. great experience. Got my questions answered, received a quick estimate for service, scheduled an appointment, all via email. Got van in at 9:30. said it would be done by 3pm. they texted me at 1 saying it was done. Great communication, quick service, competent people who care.

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