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New member
New Sprinter Dealer in Brooklyn NY

Hi All

I'm new here and am amazed on how much info I found in just the first day! Anyway I just acquired my 2013 Passenger Van from the New Sprinter Dealer in Brooklyn NY. They cut me a great deal and gave me top dollar on my trade! The guy you want to speak to there is Carlo, he is the manager of the Business Division which includes, Sprinter and Fleet Sales. They have a growing inventory right now and already have some up-fitted units on the ground ready for sale.

These guys just acquired the MB dealership in January and they are very aggressive! Their service department is open until midnight, free loaners etc. Really nice people to do business with, straight up and no monkey business. Don't get a Sprinter without at least giving these guys a call!

Talk to Carlo directly, He has all the pull. I'm going to tell him to check out this site and sign up too! I'm sure he can be an asset here to a lot of you folks, Tel 718-258-5100 ext 268 or email him at

Mike C

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