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Re: T1N Service Manual

I set up a place in the Web with a bunch of Sprinter related PDF manuals that you can download using your web browser.

We lost our good friend Jmoller99 RIP

Terrible feeling to have to post this but we lost a member here from Colorado Springs Jens Moller yesterday.

To a good friend and Sprinter enthusiast it's tough to write this post but I thank you over the years for all your help and passion doing what you loved. Appreciate all your help with the T1N's. You're going to be missed for many years to come! Thoughts and prayers go out to the family and everyone involved.

I wouldn't have guessed that 3 months have gone by since losing Jens Moller.

I see that Jens Moller's site is still up and running with the Sprinter information. It is a great asset.

Please pass on my thanks to whoever is continuing to maintain the site. I appreciate it, as I'm certain others do.

:cheers: vic

P.S. - We plan to head west in October. Jens' information has helped us to plan some of our trip.

South Park City Colorado - Jens Moller

Pause to honor Jens for a bit when using his great resource.

I [Jens] set up a place in the Web with a bunch of Sprinter related PDF manuals that you can download using your web browser. Thanks goes to Arnie_Oli. :thumbup: (expired)

It includes parts manuals for 2002 thru 2007 US model Sprinters and Service manuals for the 2003 and 2005 models. All of these were found on the web or referenced on this web site.

I suggest that when you download them that you copy a set to a flash drive and keep it in your Sprinters Glove Compartment in case you need them when you are on the road. Very cheap insurance in case someone else needs to review any of them when need service.
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Re: ECU is looking for _______ before starting?

I pulled all the images I could find (thanks autostaretx) and combined/OCR them into 2 pdfs. One is for Body electrical, the other is for the fuel system.

Some of the pages have multiples as they have be annotated with useful information.



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Re: T1N Service Manual

DesertAdventures dug up an archive of Jens Moller's original site. :thumbup:

I figured it was worth including here.

Thanks to both of you and on my end the page: no longer exists.

Here it is though and hope others can find the time took to create it helpful.

And of course there is Arnie Oli's living site. Thanks goes to Arnie_Oli. :thumbup:
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