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While driving last week i went to change the radio station and the radio just lost power. Checked the fuse, #15, looked to be in great condition. Soon after realized that the overhead lights were not working, #8 fuse, again in good condition. Not sure what direction to look for the issue which is effecting both. Could be a fluke and I have two separate problems, but they appeared too close to each other to be unrelated. Any suggestions on a direction I could take would be appreciated.


Own a DAD ODB2 Unit.
Start the engine, and let it idle (we want to power up everything)

Use a volt meter to check both sides of the fuse (with the meter set to 20 or so volts DC, and the black lead to any bare metal screw head - ie. the body is power ground - negative), and then test first the lower side of the fuse, then the top of the fuse. If there is 12 Volts on one and not 12 volts on the other, you have a blown fuse. If, however, you find that there is apparently no power to either end of the fuse - check to make sure that the fuse is making good contact in the fuse holder (mine had several that were not when I first got it). You may need to pull the fuse to check the fuse connector (one side should have power).

If you find some bad connections - power down your Sprinter, then get some spray electrical cleaner and spray the bad connectors on the fuse box. Also look to see if you can bend the fuse holder connectors slightly so that it holds the fuse tighter (I had to do this). Also clean the contacts on the fuse.

I went thru all my fuses cleaning and tightening the fuse holders (its a poor design that they used - in my opinion). I cleaned all of the relay contacts (one relay at a time) too.
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