315cdi Sprinter queries


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Hey guys i'm new here and own a 315cdi Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

I was just wandering if anyone could answer a few questions i have about my ex-ambo seeing as i just bought it and have a few queries.

- My van's an automatic and i was just wandering what RPM reading people were getting at around 50kph (31mph) and 100kph (62mph) and at what speed they receive the best mileage.
- At times while i'm driving just casually the car will stop revving above 2000rpm in any gear. i have to pull over, turn the car off, wait a few seconds and it's all good after that. Has anyone experienced this?
- As i didn't get a rear "step" with the van, what do you reckon is the best aftermarket one to buy? and what fog lights do you guys use and would you recommend them?.

Thanks in advance buddies.

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Welcome to the forum. My guess is that you are in Australia. The random behavior of the auto is most likely due to a build up of metal particals on the speed sensors in the auto. Easy to fix, just follow the instructions on servicing the autos in the write ups. If that does not fix it you may be up for a new torque convertor. Please let us know where you are. Eric


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hey thanks for that ill look into it, something tells me it's the particles though. Yeah i'm in Australia, I'm from the western Sydney region in NSW

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